Investing is growing. Each of us knows this.
Help the LAB grow with its kids.
You will share ideas, from start to finish.

The John Bosco, like any rocket on the track, needs energy to get off the ground. The process of financial contribution to support the LAB involves two steps:

  • a first level of financial support for the physical place and the professionals called upon to manage it
  • a second level for the concrete support of the startups that are emerging within the JB.

Each of us can make their own contribution, in a structured and dynamic way: you can invest to support the project (because you believe in it like us) or to enter the dynamics of startups (because you like to participate in innovation). The instrument? The SFPs!


SFP _ Participatory Financial Instruments

SFPs are the ideal tool: they have a defined price and allow those who buy them to participate in the growth of the project and to be able to earn when the project is fully operational.

JB offers you two different SFPs, STANDARD and GOLDEN, so you can choose the extent of your support: you can buy as many as you want, thanks to a simple and immediate contract.

Both give the same earning opportunity; the GOLDEN reserve impotent rights of active participation in ideas:

SFP GOLDEN: rights to participate in ideas


on a regular basis you will be presented with the ideas of the students who, after our internal evaluation, will have the opportunity to be launched on the reference market: you can decide and propose to adopt them, sponsor them or buy them!


you and your company can ask young and brilliant minds, supported by our technical staff, to find innovative solutions to needs related to your company, your product, new markets.

SFP, governed by the regulation
You will find all the information in the ISSUE REGULATION OF THE HOLDING FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS 2020. If you are interested or interested, ask us for the rules directly here.