Houston, we have some genius guys!
A group of seventeen-year-old students from the Salesian Don Bosco Institute in Verona, at the end of April 2019, won the LEGO FIRST, the world robotics championship, ranking 1st in Houston, against 40,000 international teams.
Their scientific project, defined by journalists as a “space washing machine”, consists of a system for cleaning and sanitizing the clothes of astronauts in orbit, in the absence of gravity and water. Today that project is an international patent.
Starting from this great adventure, we have found that:

• young people are full of resources, creativity and passion
• when ideas are well planned they become reality.

Don Bosco Start Up Studio

John Bosco, our LAB, is a space where all ideas are heard and where they are really evaluated, supported and developed.

Any young person who believes they have an innovative idea, even if only a rough idea, can come to John Bosco and propose it: they will find a highly competent technical team at their disposal for the evaluation process and the consequent support necessary for the creation of the start-up. , to the financing of the industrial plan and to the development on the reference market.

John Bosco is open to all boys and girls with good ideas in mind. Students, alumni, friends and inventors of the area: come forward!

If, on the other hand, you are a company and you want to innovate in an important way, do not hesitate any longer!